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RebelMouse 15) Kickstarter New York City is all about digital collaboration, making Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers, the creative darling of NYC tech. Its not only an incredible startup in its own right but it has the unique ability to spawn other startups. Founded in April 2009 by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler, the site is one of the coolest growing businesses in New York City. The crowdfunding platform recently announced plans to expand into Australia and New Zealand soon. Kickstarter 16) Branch/Potluck Founded to help drive deeper, more intelligent conversations online, Branch, which has recently launched Potluck, is meant to become the conversational house party of the Internet. Backed by the folks behind Twitter and Medium, the site encourages users to share links of relevant content and tag friends with whom theyd like to discuss an article. Branch / Potluck 17) Olapic Leading the visual ecommerce space, Olapic works with brands like NastyGal, New Balance and Threadless to turn Instagram and other social platforms into an ecommerce inspiration engine. Olapic repurposes user generated content from Instagram on a brands site to increase conversion at the point of sale, essentially helping brands monetize the selfie. Brands typically see increased conversion rates of 5%+. Olapic 18) Oyster Recently launched in NYC, Oyster is applying the Netflix model to books and literature. With over 100,000 titles already in its library, and the reasonable cost of $9.95/month for unlimited reading, theres very little to say beyond get reading already! Oyster 19) NewsCred NewsCred is the worlds leading content marketing and syndication platform, helping news organizations and brands better monetize content. This year, the company secured a strategic partnership with Digital First Media, to scale new content verticals for the publishing group.

New York Giants: 5 Players to Watch vs. Kansas City


He dubbed the collection his Gallery of Beauty and initially showed it during evening entertainments at his home. In 1894, part of the collection was included in a public exhibit and gained substantial press attention. A selection of the Gallery of Beauty is on display in the present exhibit. Not all the women pictured were extraordinarily striking in appearance, but many of them were writers, philanthropists, or moral exemplars. As for Marie, I can imagine that his collection of miniature portraits satisfied his Romantic notions of womanhood and also functioned as a means to enhance his own social currency, wrote Gallati. The presence of the portraitists themselves cannot be ignored. American and European painters of great talent competed heavily for commissions from New Yorks mighty families. Among the artists represented in this exhibition are Carolus-Duran, Alexandre Cabanel, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, and William Bouguereau, who was in demand among the banking elite in Paris. His luminous portrait of the young Cortlandt Field Bishop begins the exhibition and is a peek into his portraiture, a small portion of his oeuvre. Gilded Age New York was arguably at the center of the nations art productionthe home of major artists, art museums, and schools, wrote Gallati. This was not by accident since New York was also a financial hub, where some of the countrys wealthiest families were based. All the portraits were drawn from the NYHS permanent collection and were bequests of the sitters themselves or of their estates. This exhibition is part of a larger effort to have the objects in the museums collection return to exhibition condition. Many of them have not been seen for over a hundred years, said NYHS director Linda Ferber. Most of the collection needs cleaning or conservation, she said. I call it a rehabilitation for the New-York Historical Society. Because the NYHS has a large collection but little gallery space, many of its exhibitions travel around the world as part of its program Sharing a National Treasure. The exhibitions first stop after New York will be the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Fl. The Big Questions Curator Dr. Barbara Gallati suggests the following questions to consider when viewing commissioned portraits: 1) Most of these portraits shown were privately commissioned for display within domestic spaces, not public ones.

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Those two players absences will mean that the Giants will field their sixth different offensive line configuration since the preseason and their third one in four regular season games. Thats not good news for an offensive line that, according to statistics for Week 4, is ranked 27th overall , or a line who is part of the leagues worst rushing attack (133 rushing yards, or 44.3 per game). The pass protection hasnt been that much better. New York is tied with the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles with 11 sacks, the second most given up this season through three games. Hoping to stop the bleeding, the Giants coaches have been spending a lot of extra time on the field and in the classroom to bring up the comfort levels of the young guys who will be called upon to help this weekend. Youre just trying to advance them along as rapidly as you can and that you hopefully expedited the process that will advance at a point where we go out and play well, said offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. We have confidence in their athleticism. Its just a matter of how fast you can get them acclimated to the speed with which theyre going to be facing the opposition on Sunday, which is significant. What will also be interesting to see is if Gilbride adjusts the game plan to accommodate for this latest shakeup. One such possibility could be trying more quick stuff in the passing game so that the offensive linemen dont have to hold blocks for more than three seconds. By expediting the plays, the thinking is that the offensive line might be able to build some collective confidence and cohesion early on to carry them through the game. The Giants are in desperate need of getting into a rhythm, as through three games, they are averaging a paltry 4.45 average numbers of plays per drive . Well try to do whatever we can to galvanize this group and give them a chance, Gilbride said. The offensive line wont have the only players under the spotlight this weekend. Heres a look at this weeks five players to watch. Right Tackle Justin Pugh Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports If Pugh thought last weeks assignment against Carolina Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson was tough, this week’s matchup against NFL sack leader Justin Houston might make last week pale by comparison. The Chiefs outside linebacker whose 4.5 sacks last week against the Philadelphia Eagles boosted his total to a league-leading 7.5 for the season. Pugh is hoping to take the good and the bad from his performance last week and parlay it into a more consistent showing that will keep Houston from recording his second multiple sack game in a row. Hes similar to the guy I went against last week, a very physical player, Pugh said. Hes got a good motor so its a good challenge for me. Pugh said he is confident that hell rebound from last weeks shaky performance, and noted that he hasnt done anything differently this week to prepare for the possibility of facing Houston. You just go out there and play your game, he said. You have to go out there, be physical, trust the technique and just keep working and getting better. It will be interesting to see if the coaches give Pugh much, if any help in the way of help blocking to manage the AFC Defensive Player of the Week winner for Week 3. A lot may depend on how well he initially does against Houston, who in addition to his sack total, has, according to (subscription required), recorded eight hurries, two batted passes, and one hit against opposing quarterbacks this season.