Nearly two and a half years after their wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 — and more than two months after the birth of Prince George — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been given a new “Conjugal Coat of Arms” to “represent them in heraldic terms as a married couple,” Kensington Palace announced in a press release on Friday, Sept. 27. PHOTOS: The Duke and Duchess’ first days with Prince George The shield, approved earlier this year by Queen Elizabeth II, was designed by the College of Arms in London. It features the Duke’s own personal Coat of Arms on the left, along with the Middleton family Arms on the right. Prince William’s shield, which was given to him by his grandmother on his 18th birthday, shows the three lions of England, the lion of Scotland, and the harp of Ireland. It also bears the motto “Honi soit qui mal y pense,” which means “Shame to those who think evil of it.” According to Kensington Palace, the quote represents the Order of the Garter, of which the 31-year-old Duke is “a Knight Companion.” PHOTOS: The royal family baby album Middleton’s family shield, meanwhile — given to her father, Michael Middleton, prior to her wedding — is described by the Palace as half-Azure (blue) and half-Gules (red), with a gold chevron across the center. The “distinguishing feature” is a trio of acorns with gold stalks and leaves. The shields are held up by the Royal Lion and Unicorn, both of which wear what’s called a label — a three-pointed collar with a red “escallop shell,” which comes from a Coat of Arms belonging to the Duke’s late mother, Princess Diana . PHOTOS: Princess Diana’s pregnancy with Prince William “The Conjugal Arms will be theirs forever, however as their circumstances and roles alter, elements of the accoutrements around the shields may change,” the Palace explained. “In addition to their Conjugal Arms, Their Royal Highnesses also retain their own Coats of Arms to represent themselves as individuals.”

Kate Middleton Has Postpartum Depression?

by Lily Harrison Tue., Sep. 24, 2013 12:00 PM PDT Loading… Splash News It’s a family affair for Prince , Kate Middleton and their new son, Prince George. The three royals have been spending a few days at Balmoral Castle and seem to be enjoying their time away from the big city. Their vacation hasn’t been entirely leisurely, however, as they hosted several guests at their countryside estate. According to multiple reports, the Duke of Cambridge has even gone on a grouse shoot with the son of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Kate kept busy during the boys’ outing as well. She and the politician’s daughter, Stephanie, 20, went on their own excursion through the woods. VIDEO: Prince William gushes about his “rascal” son Prince George James Whatling / Splash News The Key family spent a total of two days at the castle and shared plenty of quality time with the newest royal baby. Jealous, much?! But don’t get too green with envy just yet, it seems as though they didn’t do much snuggling with the wee one. While Key did confirm that they all met the George, they didn’t spend tons of time oogling over the babe. The Prime Minister had nothing but nice things to say about the Duke and Duchess’ bundle of joy though (obviously). He told the New Zealand Herald that the little prince is a “very bonny baby.” How sweet!

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Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is a very lucky girl, with her feet firmly on the ground

As maid of honour, Pippa was dressed like Kate by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. But while the world was supposed to be admiring the bride, as soon as Pippa stepped out in that bottom-hugging creation, all eyes turned to her. In front of three billion viewers, Pippa had arrived on the world stage, whether she liked it or not. Its a tough gig playing second fiddle to your sister in such a public way [GETTY] She never seemed anything other than bright and bubbly. If she fell down, she picked herself up and just got on with it. She knew exactly who she was, and she was a delight Pippa’s school housemaster Soon she was parlaying her experience in party planning having worked for her parents party goods company into a literary career, signing a 400,000 book deal. Something of a gift to her critics, Celebrate sold few copies while being widely derided for advice such as hot drinks can be poured from flasks into mugs and paper cups. The writing was deemed so bad that a spoof Twitter account, @pippatips, sprang up and became hugely popular, offering more blindingly obvious ideas for a successful social life. Subsequent writing gigs for Vanity Fair, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator did nothing to enhance Pippas reputation as a budding scribe but, if were fair, shes actually not that bad. She rarely misses a chance to have a dig at herself, and her piece demystifying cricket for American readers of Vanity Fair was actually quite witty. The fact that makes money and what publisher wouldnt see the commercial gain of employing the future kings sister-in-law? is too much for some commentators. But Pippa is caught in a dilemma familiar to anyone with royal connections: carry on with your career and youre seen as cashing in; call it a day and youre a freeloader.

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